Wireless Audio Transmitter

A Do-it-yourself Wireless Audio Transmitter to sync multiple audio systems for a wire free world.


In most of our day to day life we come across situation where we need a connect our iPod,mobile,laptop…..etc. to our sound system,but the major limitation is the cable that we need to connect.This probably happens if your sound system doesn’t have a wireless connectivity option.i too had the same problem so i decided yo solve it…:-)Basically its a adjustable FM transmitter that is designed to transmit sound waves to the radio receiver. This way you can easily create a small range FM transmitter of your own and sync multiple sound systems. Add in few more receivers and you’ll get a DIY wireless audio sync device.

We connect the transmitter to our source device and use a old phone or FM receiver to connect to our other sound system.This might seem odd as we are kinda broadcasting our-self but the range of the transmitter is limited to few meters only.The reason choosing this option is that it is very very CHEAP ..!!Also u can connect multiple sound systems at a time without any worries of sync.Hope this project helps you.!

Here’s a video


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