Line Follower Project

A simple easy-to-make Do it yourself line following robot. One of the first robots i made.

This is one of my first robots that i had build using a micro-controller. While most of the previous projects i made were mostly mechanical and were either controlled by some manual switch controlled motor or some spring loaded mechanism. Well when in the first year my diploma of Computer engineering at Cusrow Wadia Institute of technology, i was really motivated by few final year degree students back at our hostel, making there final year project. Them called them selves “cybr freaks”, and later on, i happened to joined them. They exposed me to the world of microcontrollers and processors and other cool electronics. It was like having a solution to my every question, building my projects. I digged out a whole lot of material from internet and started learning about the small smart world of electronics.While i was learning computer engineering academically, by night time i ended up learning electronics. This gave me the best of both worlds, the perfect blend of hardware and software.

The very first microcontroller i learned about was Atmels Atmega-16L. Back then when i was new to this it all seem’d state-of-the-art tech. Later on as i explored the world of Atmels i came to know, i was bearly sctraching the surface.

The Line follower i made is build using a atmel atmega16l microcontroller. It was programmed in a pretty basic code. (later i used PID algorithm to control the robot). It used a off-the-shelf IR-Color sensor array. You’ll find a a whole bunch of material on ebay and also some ready to build kits for all Diy’ers.

Here’s a video

Sorry for the poor video quality.! ;-)

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